Some Tips for Common Decorating Dilemmas

Common Decorating Dilemmas Solved

I get several design dilemmas sent to me weekly by frustrated and confused homeowners.

Here are a few of the most common dilemmas I have addressed. I hope you find these ideas useful and if you have a decorating dilemma I can solve for you.

Here are Some Tips for Common Decorating Dilemmas

Problem: Unsightly radiators
Solution: Radiators take up a lot of space but they can be charming, too. A painted plank set on top creates a handy ledge for lighting and display. The curtains hung behind are just lengths of hemmed men’s suiting fabric.

Problem: Stacks and stacks of books in the living room
Solution: Put your books to use. Turn a stack of books into a side table by placing a tray on top. When it’s time to read just pull a book from the stack

Problem: Not enough accessories
Solution: Don’t let your refrigerator have all the fun! Put colorful fruit on display in glass jars or footed glass bowls. Choose the long-lasting fruits of the season for a colorful, affordable, and delicious display. Oranges, lemons, and limes add a refreshing touch to spring or summer decorating. Apples are a great choice for fall or winter.

Problem: You can’t put holes in your walls
Solution: Skip the drama of a hammer and nails and prop framed mirrors against a wall. A large mirror serves many functions in a room. With a beautiful frame, it becomes impactful art. When angled against the wall, it tricks the mind into thinking the ceiling line is even higher than it is. When it reflects light, it brightens the space and provides the illusion of an extra window.

Problem: The room doesn’t feel inviting
Solution: Nothing is cozier than a pile of pillows. Gather pillows from around the room or house and arrange them on one sofa to add comfort and color. Choose pillows that have different patterns in complementary colors for a perfectly mismatched look.

Problem: You have low ceilings
Solution: Fake a high ceiling with strategically placed window treatments. Make a room seem taller by installing the curtain rod above the window frame. Draperies should graze the bottom of the window sill or the floor.

Problem: You stuck in the color
If you’ve been stuck in a rut lately, here are some easy color tips to turn your apartment walls into the ultimate pick me up-

If you survived layoffs but now you’re overworked, underpaid and need a place to retreat to use a serene sea foam green that will conjure up beautiful, rip-roaring expanse of ocean in your sub-conscious.

You want to start dating but aren’t feeling so fab, try a fleshy pinky beige so you feel good going out and look good when you are home.

All those recession-proof pizzas took their toll on your beach body and you need to get back in shape? Blur the line between indoors and out with a granny smith apple green that will do to your eye what the apple does to your palate- and make you run a marathon.

Your boyfriend is out of town on business for a few weeks and you miss him? Make his favorite color blue a little girlier like periwinkle which is very calming, cool and soothing. When you wake up alone it will be as if he’s hugging you.

Some idea for decorating your home can check in this video too…